About The Project

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The Inspiration

The “Making It Again?” Web Series Project was birthed from a desire to have a film project that would promote and showcase young teen and adult actors from the local community, while at the same time create an opportunity for these actors to express themselves through film to a world wide audience.

Residing in a smaller rural area, unlike living in New York or Los Angeles, opportunities for auditions for film projects are far and few between. This one reason alone was enough for the wheels of creation to begin to turn for Producer and founder of ACA Productions LLC., Aelita Archbold.

Speaking with one of her friends from California regarding the music business, he asked her… “Why not have Sheridan star in a web series including a number of other qualified actors?”  This was the spark that led to the birth of what is now being called, “Making It Again?”!

The Plan

After thoroughly doing a study regarding the creation of such a series, Aelita began to consult with a number of great friends in the Film Industry. Now being equipped with more knowledge of how to begin, the quest for the right story began.

Understanding that there are different approaches to this kind of project, it was finally decided that they would go with a scripted series.  Having Acting Coach and Film Director Kevin Wiczer both as friend and admired professional, they approached him with the idea of creating the web series. Kevin liked the idea, and being a script writer coupled with knowledge of Sheridan’s acting abilities, he agreed to write the script.  Three months later Season One, which boasts 10 intriguing episodes, was ready to be employed!

Putting The Plan Into Action

Now that the script was ready the job of putting together a production team, and finding established and talented actors to fill the cast began.

Of course this kind of project requires a great deal more than a person would expect.  Filling out appropriate paperwork, consulting insurance companies and a legal team, securing filming locations both outdoor and indoor, acquiring the filming equipment necessary for this kind of undertaking, getting the unique props for each episode, finding appropriate costuming for the cast, not to mention raising enough interest and funding for a project of this magnitude is quite a feat in itself.

Because the series showcases Sheridan’s singing ability, a score would also need to be created with songs, lyrics, and musical arrangement for each episode.

Watching it all come together was a real joy” said Aelita.

The entire Cast just seemed to click with each member developing their characters in their own unique way thus creating a fun and exciting environment to work in.

We are so thankful and grateful to have obtained our Executive Producer, Pete Whitman early on in the project. It also goes without saying how excited we are to have such outstanding actors for this project:

(Sheridan Archbold, Amanda Flahive, David Schuringa, Deric Anthony Gochenauer, Chuck Sisson, Maggie Madziarczyk, Leonardo Espinosa, and Robert Luedtke), each professionals in their own right. 

Of course nothing could be accomplished without our production team which is more than qualified. (Peter Whitman, Aelita Archbold, Kevin Wiczer, Mike Crowley, Beryl Seckington, Rod Johnson, and Edgeorge Archbold.”

See more about the cast and crew by visiting the “About the Cast and Staff Page”.

The Fans

The entire cast and crew would also like to thank all of Sheridan’s fans who are financially supporting and funding this project. It’s the fans who are the real reason behind it all. A play, film, or any kind of entertainment production can only be successful if there’s an audience.


For more information contact:

Aelita Archbold
ACA Productions, LLC
Ph. 630-800-6641
E-mail: pemchicago#y7mail.com

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