The “Making It Again?” Web Series Project was born out of a desire to inspire the younger generation to never give up and to pursue their dreams in spite of any obstacles they meet on their way.

The story line behind “Making It Again?” is about a fourteen year old boy named Sheridan Cantarelli, who used to be a talented boy soprano, but after a few years of performing in front of large audiences, he decided to take a break and live like a normal, everyday kid.

After Sheridan takes a couple of years off, he decides to get back into singing again however, everything has changed. His Manager isn’t very interested in managing him anymore and the previous opportunities he had are now gone.

Sheridan must work very hard using every ounce of determination he can muster, while encouraging himself that he has not been forgotten for his past accomplishments. Putting his determination into action, he begins singing and performing again so he can be an inspiration, encouragement, and example to his generation of how to never give up, pursue your goals, and fulfill your dreams.

Meet the Cast

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