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Second Sneak Peek from Making It Again?

The humor continues in this second clip to one of the funnies episodes in the web series!  Our lead Sheridan has to earn his own way to re-establish his singing career.  With his sympathetic mom at his side he has to persuade his father to help finance his venture. Well you will just have to wait to see how all that turns out but get ready to laugh!  And Laugh Hard!

First Sneak Peek from Making It Again?

The editing on the series is going splendidly and while taxing we are having so much fun.  We get to look back on every scene and laugh all over again at the great writing that makes this series so enjoyable.   What we hope to do here for you is to share just a few clips from each episode to get you excited about what is soon to come to YouTube for your enjoyment.

Here we see how it all begins with our lead character Sheridan, trying desperately to get his career going again.  Truly the very first scenes show you exactly what your in for on this ride we call “Making It Again?”



Christmas and New Year Greeting & Web Series Release Date Announced!


The Cast and Staff of the upcoming web series “Making It Again?” Wish you all a very

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It’s been a long time in the Making of the “Making It Again?” web series but it’s very near completion and we are so excited to announce it’s planned release date of March 2017 on YouTube.


For those who would like to read along with the video below is the transcription of the live video above!


Ladies and Gentleman we are proud to present you with great news. It was our desire to create a film project that would benefit, promote and showcase the bright talents of young teens and adult actors from the local community of the Chicago area and suburbs. In January of 2016 we started shooting the First Episode of the Web TV Series “Making It Again?” and in October we finished Season One. This project was inspired by stories of talented boy sopranos from around the world that we incorporated into the character of the lead role actor Sheridan Cantarelli. Through this character we wanted to show the success and struggles that many talented young actors go through. The special challenges that inexperience and age brings and the effort that is demanded to overcome while attempting to reestablish their careers after their voice changes. The mission of our web series is to encourage and inspire those millions of young artists who are faced or facing this teen age crisis, and to never give up and pursue their goals no matter what.


Hi, My name is Sheridan Archbold. I had the honor to be cast as the lead in the web series “Making It Again?”. This was my debut as an actor. I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity to showcase my singing and acting skills. Being able to perform several beautiful songs in some of the episodes was very enjoyable. It was a great honor to share the set with a fabulous cast of professional actors, some who have been nominated for different awards. One of the most memorable moments on set was with the amazing actor Chuck Sisson, the winner of the prestigious Jeff Award. He fabulously created the insanely funny character of Sheridan Cantarelly’s acting coach, ”Fritz Hasenpfeffer.”


Season One of the web series is in the final editing stages and we will market it as soon as everything has been completed. Our hope is to launch the series in March of 2017 on You Tube, Cable TV Channel 17 as well as other potential marketing opportunities. We had everything that it takes to create a great web series. Being blessed with a professional cast, creative crew, very creative and dedicated editor who is working right now to deliver great content to the viewers.

As you know filmmaking is a very complex art form: screenwriting, acting, lighting, storytelling, music, editing- all these things have to come together. Of course the last and most difficult stage is the editing. This is where movies are either made or broken. With our Editor our web series is in good hands. The great thing about this series is that it gave the unique opportunity for local talented young actors to share their talent and creativity with a worldwide audience. Naturally we are excited because “Making It Again?” is subject to be nominated in multiple national and international web series festivals and awards. In order to continue with Season 2 we are asking our local Chicago area and worldwide community to support this amazingly inspiring project, that certainly will move your hearts and souls. To learn about this project and the opportunity to show your support, visit the web series website:

Once again!

The “Making It Again?” Team wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Behind The Scenes – Dream Sequence






In Episode 6 Sheridan Cantarelli has been invited to be a guest speaker at his fan club by his die hard fan Marla. Sheridan although a excellent singer, becomes puzzled at the podium not really knowing how to talk to his fans, especially one particular girl named Janet who was found on Craig’s List by Marla and forced to attend the fan club meeting.

Sheridan begins to panic which brings on a Dream sequence, where he walks as clown on the street trying to chase an older couple down in an effort to make them to listen him.

Your going to want to see this entire episode to see how it all comes together.

Behind the Scenes – I Roared Like A Lion

Episode 5, scene 3

What’s going on here?  Seems Sheridan is going all Ape!??  I mean Lion!


In this scene Sheridan shares with his friends Robbie and Mike his horrifying experience of the roaring like a lion at the acting lesson instructed by his insane acting coach Fritz Hasenpfeffer.

Fritz ordered Sheridan to roar like a lion, explaining that this was a good way for Sheridan to prepare his spirit for battle. OK? I Guess?  Watch the whole Episode to find out what else happened!



Behind the Scenes – Fired up and Punched Out!

Today was a big day! We filmed 2 Scenes, where Roger and Sheridan got into fight.


“What did you say?” says Sheridan and punches Roger in his face… “You are fired!”

It is very intense scene, where Sheridan makes the decision to fire his Manager, who became famous because of Sheridan. Keep watching to find out what is going to happen in next Episode.
We are Thankful to our wonderful supporters, amazing cast and sophisticated crew!
Fighting Scene: Sheridan Cantarelli – Sheridan, Roger the Manager – character actor Deric Gochenaur.

Behind the Scenes – Fumigated?

In this Episode Sheridan Cantarelli (Sheridan Archbold), is unhappy with the unhealthy fumes coming out of the greasy burger. He can’t breath so the mean Director of the Commercial tells Sheridan: “Then don’t breath, Steve!” What happens with Sheridan? You will find out when you watch Episode 4.
Stay in touch with the Web Series Facebook Page and on this website for more behind the scenes info!

Much Love from the Production team. Thank you so much for your great support!

Behind the Scenes – Sticky situation-

Episode 4 “Greasy Burger” “behind the scenes”:

Wearing makeup on the set can be a real sticky situation. Watch as actor DERIC ANTHONY GOCHENAUER removes his mask and his youth is once again restored!

Deric Antony Gochenauer is a member of the Joseph Jefferson Committee and holds several nominations for

Awards include Best Actor in a Musical for “She Love Me”. Other recent credits include “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

In this scene from the Episode 4 “(Greasy Burger Commercial) Deric plays the roll of a mean Director of the Commercial ” Greasy Burger”. Deric aged himself to create his character.