Sheridan on set2

Behind the Scenes – Fumigated?

In this Episode Sheridan Cantarelli (Sheridan Archbold), is unhappy with the unhealthy fumes coming out of the greasy burger. He can’t breath so the mean Director of the Commercial tells Sheridan: “Then don’t breath, Steve!” What happens with Sheridan? You will find out when you watch Episode 4.
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Much Love from the Production team. Thank you so much for your great support!

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Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster is the founder of "Rivenmaster Promotions Network" and author of the original promotional website Rivenmaster's Place ( now called "Torchlight Talent" He continues to support talent through Rivenmaster Promotions. His work with young people stretches over the past 25 years. On this website he acts as the official webmaster and author, as well as working on graphic design for the "Making It Again" web series.

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