Behind The Scenes – Dream Sequence






In Episode 6 Sheridan Cantarelli has been invited to be a guest speaker at his fan club by his die hard fan Marla. Sheridan although a excellent singer, becomes puzzled at the podium not really knowing how to talk to his fans, especially one particular girl named Janet who was found on Craig’s List by Marla and forced to attend the fan club meeting.

Sheridan begins to panic which brings on a Dream sequence, where he walks as clown on the street trying to chase an older couple down in an effort to make them to listen him.

Your going to want to see this entire episode to see how it all comes together.

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Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster is the founder of "Rivenmaster Promotions Network" and author of the original promotional website Rivenmaster's Place ( now called "Torchlight Talent" He continues to support talent through Rivenmaster Promotions. His work with young people stretches over the past 25 years. On this website he acts as the official webmaster and author, as well as working on graphic design for the "Making It Again" web series.

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