First Sneak Peek from Making It Again?

The editing on the series is going splendidly and while taxing we are having so much fun.  We get to look back on every scene and laugh all over again at the great writing that makes this series so enjoyable.   What we hope to do here for you is to share just a few clips from each episode to get you excited about what is soon to come to YouTube for your enjoyment.

Here we see how it all begins with our lead character Sheridan, trying desperately to get his career going again.  Truly the very first scenes show you exactly what your in for on this ride we call “Making It Again?”



Behind the Scenes – I Roared Like A Lion

Episode 5, scene 3

What’s going on here?  Seems Sheridan is going all Ape!??  I mean Lion!


In this scene Sheridan shares with his friends Robbie and Mike his horrifying experience of the roaring like a lion at the acting lesson instructed by his insane acting coach Fritz Hasenpfeffer.

Fritz ordered Sheridan to roar like a lion, explaining that this was a good way for Sheridan to prepare his spirit for battle. OK? I Guess?  Watch the whole Episode to find out what else happened!



Behind the Scenes – Fired up and Punched Out!

Today was a big day! We filmed 2 Scenes, where Roger and Sheridan got into fight.


“What did you say?” says Sheridan and punches Roger in his face… “You are fired!”

It is very intense scene, where Sheridan makes the decision to fire his Manager, who became famous because of Sheridan. Keep watching to find out what is going to happen in next Episode.
We are Thankful to our wonderful supporters, amazing cast and sophisticated crew!
Fighting Scene: Sheridan Cantarelli – Sheridan, Roger the Manager – character actor Deric Gochenaur.